Testimonials English

Anja L. from B.

My inner being is going on a journey whenever I listen..

She who meets North Indian music with openness and affection, and is invited to a private concert with Florian Erb, can call herself lucky.

One doesn't have to be a music expert nor know a lot about instruments, ragas, cultural background or scales in order to enjoy it. The willingness to just switch off one's head for a certain period of time and to listen without much expectations, is all it takes to get carried away by Florian's tunes. Our hearts ususally understand this music immediately.  

Florian has been dedicated to North Indian music for several decades and has been taught by Indian masters. His continuing curiosity to keep practicing and sstill discover new aspects in it is very obvious. One will know immediately that this music is his passion, and he takes his time to lead all listeners towards understanding it, with both enthusiasm and patience. It is a pleasure for him to answer any and all questions that arise, be it before the concert or in the pause.

One can detect Florian's love to his instruments in any given moment. He plays them each with great virtuosity, respect for their uniqueness and enriches their tunes with the color of his being.

This musician's character is modest and unassuming: instead of many words he rather lets the music speak. He appreciates each guest who listens with his or her heart - rather than a concert hall full of people who may not be fully present with their attention.

What makes the concerts so special? After a few introductory words, Florian usually starts the concert with tablas, and after this warm-up he will switch to sarod and play one or more pieces (so-called ragas), all the while accompanied by traditional tambura sounds in the background. 

This creates a magical space, in which musician, instrument, listeners and sound are merging beautifully. These are moments when I understand that linear time is really just a concept.

Dear Florian, thank you for many beautiful moments, in which your music has opened up inner dimensions. I hope I will have the privilege to experience many more to come!

Angela R. from B.

All house concerts with Florian which I have attended, have been phenomenal.

If I went to a „normal“ concert in some concert hall, I surely wouldn’t say afterwards that I „participated“ in it. Normal concerts oftentimes only touch my ears - I go there and I leave again, without having felt any connection with other visitors, let alone with the musicians there.

Being a guest at one of Florian’s concerts is totally different: an intimate setting, hosted in a private living room. Florian immediately creates a connection with his listeners, when he talks a bit about interesting details concerning his instruments, history and traditions, and his own take on accessing the magical world of Indian music. 

I have to admit that the sounds of the Sarod, and also that of the Tanpura in the background, remain still a bit unfamiliar to me - but their effect is stunning!

The music enters my system directly through my heart, rather than my ears … how should I say this? .. certainly deeper, considerably deeper.

The annoying, permanent blathering inside my head stops immediately; inside, a soothing silence unfolds, and this is not only with me, but very noticeable with the other listeners as well. 

A natural connection comes into being - the connection with myself and with all others in the room. This connection gets amplified by the kind conversations and shared food and drink which we enjoy in the breaks and after the concert. 

Again and again, it has been a very special experience. 


Annelie E. from B.

When playing his house concerts, Florian guides us into deep meditation with Tabla and Sarod.

We enjoy the Indian music, his loving explanations, and food and drink in the breaks. We experience a whole new beautiful way to be with ourselves and with others.